Service and Growth

Our goal is for the teens to have fun together, but in a way that leads them to grow in Christ, and to serve in His Name. To that end, in order to participate in the fun activities, it is expected to also participate in service activities, and to pray and read. We do not wish to replace Sunday/Church School, but we may engage in some study activities together as a supplement.

Younger Kids

As we as fathers and older Church members are seeking to help our kids grow together, we wish to encourage our kids to do the same for younger kids. This means planning service events to show the younger kids some of the things we have learned together, or to activities that suit their stages. Examples could include taking a younger group to the gym to show them the basics of Jiu Jitsu, taking a younger group on a fun cruise, or taking a younger group for a ride on the steam train, etc.

The Less Fortunate

Twice a year we will expect the group to take over the food preparation for the local homeless run. Depending on the maturity of the teen and the comfort of their parents, some may also be invited to join in delivering the food.

The Hours

We expect crewmates to regularly attend the Liturgy with their families. As a group, we will explore various ways to pray the hours, and support one another in developing a daily rule of prayer (subject of course to approval from one’s father-in-confession. Whenever possible before fun or service events, we’ll meet first to pray the hours, then move on.


We’ll pick good books, such as “The Way of the Ascetics”, or “The Sayings of the Desert Fathers” that are suitable for beginners in the spiritual life, and will encourage teens to pick chapters, and take turns sharing reactions with the group.

Health and Nutrition

Interested teens will join up to support one another with accountability in keeping an exercise routine that fits them.