At this point it is just an idea, that will need to evolve with contact with real people. But, at the core:

-Small units of a half dozen to a dozen boys, lead by one man who must be a father, assisted by a second man who need not be (e.g. a university student).

-Units should cooperate to put on and meet for larger events, with each group taking turns as the host to put on events closer to their theme

  • A crew is a unit with a theme or focus on the water, sailing, boating, naval history
  • A troop is a unit with a theme or focus on camping, orienteering, survival, army history
  • A squadron is a unit with a theme or focus of model rocketry, RC planes, gliders, or flying. (This type will likely be cost-prohibitive

Rank, Uniforms, and Merit

Scouting groups and cadet groups traditionally wear uniforms, and recognize promotion based on requirements and time. At this time, the structure is not established enough to justify this. If a unit strongly wishes to adopt uniforms, it can be supported. Skills obtained can be recognized by checklists and certificates, rather than physical badges. But, if a group proves to be motivated by badges, they can be adapted. Each unit can have a member appointed to assist the adults in leading.