Good Fun

With approximately monthly activities, we strive to create an environment for teens to come together and have fun, but fun that not only is good, clean fun, but that leads them to the good. Each unit will choose some subset of the following, and other examples:


Once a year, we plan to offer an “Introduction to Sailing” weekend. A one-day course covering the basics in two-person dinghies, followed by a bon-fire and camp-out. This allows teens to practice working as a crew, and to spend a weekend experiencing God’s creation, away from distractions, learning to be aware of the wind and the water.

Jiu Jitsu

Twice a year, we pan to offer an “Introduction to Jiu Jitsu” day. A comparison of the discipline and philosophy of the practice (especially the pursuit of truth) to the desert fathers and martyrs will be made. Learning physical struggling and discipline opens the door to understanding spiritual struggle. Healthy competition as team mates to foster growth is also fostered.


Once a year, we plan to tour, H.M.C.S. Haida, or another suitable site, to explore history. Emphasis will be placed on remembering how “Greater love has no man than this” was exemplified, and on how those crews became one body through common strive, as we attempt to do today in our little scouting crew.

Rock Climbing

Twice a year, we plan to offer an introduction to rock climbing. This allows teens to push against fear of heights, and to challenge the abilities of their bodies as they have fun together.

Nerf War

Once a year we plan to offer a “Nerf War” day, because the kids asked for it. Laser tag may be substituted.

Engineering Challenge

Twice a year we plan to offer an “Engineering Challenge”, such as popsicle stick bridge construction, model rocketry, or kub kars.

Power Boating and Conning

Crewmates will be encouraged to complete their Power Craft Operator Card training. Once completed, a day will be planned to practice hands-on boat handling, including docking. Crewmates who have not completed PCOC will be given the opportunity to learn to read charts to help conn. Of course, swimming will be involved.

Biking the Hydro Cut

And other local trails. Nature, exertion, competition, togetherness, close to home. Requires enough parents with bike carriers.

Other Interests of the Crew

We’ll give crewmates the opportunity to propose areas that they enjoy to explore together.