For events that cost money, parents are expected to pay the cost. If parents are not able, they may be exempted. Parents are encouraged to consider contributing to cover members who cannot afford fees (this is no tax deduction). Those providing transportation should not expect reimbursement. We are doing this together for our kids at cost.

Is it only for boys?

No, it is by fathers and geared towards our boys. But, if there are girls who share these interests, they are of course welcome. The interests and temperaments of boys and girls are on average different, but there is overlap.

Isn’t it sexist to design a program for boys?

Boys and girls have, on average, different temperaments and interests. Sunday School. like school in general, is geared more towards the strengths of girls, encouraging quiet listening, answering questions, and staying still. Boys need room to be physical, to move, and to compete with one another. This is an attempt to make that space for the boys of the Church, especially for those who lack a father with them in Church. Girls who fit (self-select) in this system are welcome, and if mothers wish to cooperate with us (or independently) create such a program for girls (like the traditional Brownies program), that is most welcome.

Are the leaders only men?

Yes. Barring the creation of an affiliated group for girls, the leaders need to be men, who strive to provide a male role model for boys. Mothers are welcome and encouraged to help out at events that need more parents present.

Is it safe?

All of the activities, from rock climbing, to jiu jitsu, to being on the water, carry risk. It cannot be perfectly safe. But, if boys are kept perfectly safe, and not exposed to danger, and taught to respect it responsibly, they will not be safe when they leave the house and are no longer protected. It is always the responsibility of the parents to decide if they are comfortable with their child participating in an activity.