The Sojourners are an Orthodox Christian teen group, inspired loosely by the concept of scouting.

We are in our infancy. There is no organization-no corporation. We’re just a few Orthodox Christian fathers coming together to start bringing our kids together. We don’t have bylaws, insurance, police checks, etc. Please only entrust our kids to us if you know and trust us individually. We aren’t a service of a parish or diocese, we’re just Orthodox Christian dads coming together with and for our kids. We aren’t ready to operate institutionally–yet.

Our philosophy is to bring the kids together to have good, clean fun that leads to the good, and to serve and grow.

The name is chosen to remind us that we are sojourning through the wilderness of this world with a purpose, towards a goal. It evokes the ides of scouting, but also the Orthodox spiritual way.

We plan to organize into local units (troops, squadrons, or crews depending on theme), at first just loosely associated. Our first crew is St. Anthony’s Sojourners of Waterloo.